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Identify with any of these pre-CTS clients?

  • I've tried many diet plans and none produced lasting results! Help!

    - Sue B.

  • There is so much contradictory info on diet and nutrition, what is the truth? What should I believe? What really works!?

    - Bob W.

  • Why is keeping the weight off so hard? Tell me how to maintain my results.

    - Laurel M.

  • Fitness and training seems so complicated, there seems to be a million different ways to train!

    - Mike G.

  • Every trainer, every program, every new book or TV product is telling me they have discovered the "secret to fitness". I want a plan that works, not a marketing-driven "best seller".

    - James H.

  • I've started a fitness project and plan many times. I usually get stuck on a plateau, blindsided by responsibilities of work or family, or I just run out of motivation before I get any real results… I need a coach!!!

    - Jennifer B.


Your Fitness Guide

CTS Elite Fitness Training System is simplest and most effective training system for people who value their time and money.

It is a system for people who want to achieve excellent health, lose fat, build an athletic muscular body, and optimize their performance.

  • Based on Science

  • Shaped by Experience

  • Driven by Results

How do I get in Great Shape?

  • Call

    Call or text CTS or fill out the form below to set up a free consultation. Do Something, Do it Now!

  • First Meeting

    We’ll meet and discuss your experiences and expectations with regard to fitness. I will give background on kind of training I do and how I can help you. Our goal is to determine if we are a good match and if we can come up with a plan to achieve your objectives.

  • Start the Process

    We start the process: assessment, goal setting, set the schedule, set a deadline, and program the routine.

  • Pull The Trigger Or Walk Away...

    The previous three steps will take a week to complete. You will pay nothing (zero dollars) for the first three steps. It is at this point you will decide if your plan is something you believe in and is a plan you WILL do.

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