Sport-Specific Training

Question: Who are the fittest athletes?

My answer: The ones that WIN!

I take a very Darwinian view of the term Fitness. To me, fitness is simply success in one’s environment. I see too many athletes who do not train to win, but train to be pretty —too concerned about their Abs and not the game.

CTS’ approach to Sports Fitness or Sport Specific Training uses basic training principles, methods, and equipment to achieve excellent improvement. 

Most athletes can greatly enhance their athletic performance just by getting stronger. The larger your “Strength Glass”, the more you can fill the glass with other attributes that will contribute to your performance: Speed, Power, Agility, Explosiveness, Endurance, etc. 

It is very tempting to design complex programs that use sophisticated periodization models and complex progressions.

I have found that for the majority of athletes, this level of programming is totally unnecessary. CTS’ designs Sport Specific Programs to meet the demands of your sport and your specific needs as an athlete playing that sport —individualization is paramount.