Corrective Exercise

Over the many years I have been coaching, I have acquired the ability to help clients with movement problems, joint issues, soft tissue disruption, and site-specific pain.

I have developed the skill to assess and program training to address sub-clinical and post-rehab situations. This type of training is typically referred to as ‘Corrective Exercise’ and is used to correct an imbalance or specific weakness that is causing pain or poor performance. It is also used in post-rehab to pick up where medical physical therapy leaves off —either in performance standards or insurance funding.

If you have back, knee, shoulder, or some other pain or dysfunction that is becoming chronic and limiting your performance, we must first determine if it is sub-clinical: your condition does not need the care of a medical doctor or therapist.

After making such determination, we can develop and program strategy using corrective exercise movements and techniques to correct and/or mitigate the pain, weakness, or imbalance.