Beginners, Mature Athletes & Comebacks

Some of my best clients are people who have no gym experience or have been away from training for years. This population is a population that I do very well with and who are very successful with my system and methods. I have shaped my approach with these clients to allow them to feel confident in the gym setting and contribute to the programming of their routines. I teach them that some of their preconceptions and beliefs about fitness are either myths or marketing.

When you train using my system and methods, you will learn that training is not (and does not need to be) that complicated. It is always best to make things as simple as possible, but not simplistic (a nod to Dr. Einstein).

Make things as simple as possible to get a result. Note: I said simple, not easy. Fitness training is work, hard work.

Anyone (YOU) can learn the fundamentals of fitness training and achieve excellent results. It requires no special skills, not even athletic skills. Everyone (YOU) can achieve excellent health and fitness.

Learn a system of training that will serve you all your life —and make it more enjoyable!